• Kitchen Cabinets and Counter Tops Replacement

Having a fresh and modern look in your kitchen does not have to cost a fortune. Affordable kitchens and cabinets with an elegant and modern touch are just a call away. We work with manufactures in the US and Europe to bring to your home only the best quality and exclusive styles customizable for your particular needs.


  • Flooring (tile, wood, vinyl, laminate)

Picking the right floors for your house does not have to be a stressful part of your renovation. We can professionally install all types of flooring having a huge variety of styles to choose from where you get to decide the best fit for your home guided by our expertise.  


  • Bathrooms (new tile, floors and vanities)

When it comes to bathrooms your personal input is essential to us in order to achieve your ideal sanctuary of peace and relaxation; which, in our humble opinion, it’s what every bathroom should be. Having an infinite selection of tiles, floors and vanities to choose from provides the opportunity to bring to light your own personal masterpiece that is unique and fits your lifestyle. We are here to make it happen for you!


  • Interior and Exterior Painting and Pressure Cleaning

We believe that something as simple as a fresh and modern looking new paint job can transform your home into an oasis of peace and tranquility; bringing light and openness to an otherwise dark and dated room. We have years of experience painting and modernizing homes using only the best and longer lasting paints in the market.


  • Interior doors Replacement

Replacing damaged and dated doors is also one of those things that can instantly bring a touch of modern and contemporary looks into your home. If well planned and executed, combined with just a paint job or new floors, you will automatically experience that amazing feeling of entering a brand new house for the first time. Let us guide you thru the process and make it happen!  


  • Interior Design and Customized Wall Paper Installation

So you have an amazing idea of a room you want to have that you saw on one of those Home Shows on TV? Tell us about it! We have been working with Interior Decorators and Designers for many years and have the expertise to bring that room into reality… in your house, yes. By the way, wall paper is back! Adding it to your home will bring that final touch of uniqueness that you have been looking for. We have our own machines to professionally customized any style, look, and design to you.